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Case Studies

Get an in-depth account of some of our favorite installs. These case sturdies discuss the vision, plan and execution of digital menus solution for different types of resturants.

thatburrito made a quiet debut in Humble, TX. As a small, new burrito restaurant among existing giants, thatburrito decided it needed something visually appealing and unique to set its restaurant apart from others with similar concepts while improving efficiency and cutting costs. The goal was to take the restaurant's existing digital displays and transform them into marketing tools that increase revenue, productivity and aesthetic appeal....

As a deli operation that is undergoing expansion, C&J Café by SubRoc decided it needed to revamp its menu operations. With so many locations to control, the company wanted an opportunity to facilitate menu updates for all delis, while implementing more aesthetically pleasing, sleek designs to complement the modern deli spaces and contemporary style of host office buildings. Instead of keeping the same antiquated menu software that lacked functionality and style, the company decided to move forward with a solution that met its exact needs....

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