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Make One Low Monthly Payment

HD2 and HD2Menus have partnered with one of the most well-respected capital companies in the industry to provide you with a variety of expert business financing options.





Pinnacle Business Capital
7585 West 66th Ave.
Arvada, CO 80028

Contact: Leanne Leman
Phone: 928-301-2761
Fax: 303-731-4009


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Across the US, upwards of 1 Trillion Dollars in Commercial Operating Leases were written for Equipment Sales of every imaginable type in 2016 alone – and this staggering figure is growing annually.


Companies of all sizes are recognizing that by using Lease Financing (Operating or Term Leases) to their advantage, they have more options available to fuel their growth or meet expenses, and save operating capital/existing lines of credit for emergencies or other improvements.  Lease Financing allows them to invest a small down payment in exchange for equipment that will help their business generate revenue -- and in a sense, pay for itself along the way with the income that equipment generates.


Invest in your company’s future.  Equipment Leasing allows your business to add State-of-the-Art Dynamic Digital Displays NOW, which is one of the easiest, most cost-effective ways to 1) get the edge on competition by adding that WOW! Factor, 2) efficiently promote your brand or message, and 3) tells your audience you are committed to the quality of their total experience.

Lease Financing can provide additional benefits:

  • Affordable and flexible payments

  • Easy add-ons and upgrades

  • Improved cash flow

  • Off-Balance Sheet Expense

  • IRS Section 179 Savings on Cost of Equipment possible (consult tax consultant)


If you have other questions about leasing, please contact the Pinnacle Rep, above,

or your Expert at Houston Digital Displays directly by writing to or calling:





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